• Started walking at 9 months old 
  • Ran a 9.5 min mile at 3.5 years old
  • Started Swimming, Gymnastics and Track at 3.5 years old
  • Started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thai Kick Boxing  at 3.5 years old
  • Started Soccer practice and games at 4
  • Started strength and conditioning routines at age 5
  • Began winning 400m and 800m running races at age 5-7 
  • Played Flag Football at age 5
  • Able to swim all 4 strokes and lap swimming by 5.5
  • Transitioned to focus on soccer at age 6 dominating local competition
  • Did a Summer Camp at World Class Soccer and got recruited to play two years ahead of his age. The only player to be invited.
  • Advanced his training and conditioning at age 7 with a more sophisticated approach 
  • Became the leading goal and assist player on his team as the youngest player
  • Currently able to train 2-3 times daily working on all the mental emotional tactical and physical aspects of Pro level training. I can train consistently for 3-5 weeks in a row before I need a break.
  • Currently able to run at least 7 miles without stopping, have a VO2 max of 800m in about 3min or 6min mile pace, have a 40m sprint in 6.8 sec, 100m in 16.8 sec, 200m in 35 sec and 400m in 1:22. My beep test is above excellent level.


All sessions are performed with proper mentality, attitude, rest and nutrition

All sessions are specific with proper rest and duration to avoid exhaustion.


Recovery Day

Active or Inactive

Easy lap swimming 


Session 1. Strength/ Power Upper and Lower Body

Session 2. Speed

Session 3. Skill Development 


Session 1. Skill/Shot Development 

Session 2. Endurance 6-7 mile run easy in any weather


Session 1. Agility/Foot speed

Session 2. VO 2 Max Development Track and Soccer Specific 

Group Soccer Practice optional


Session 1. Vision, Reflexes, Brain Training, Posture Endurance, Joint Health, Tissue and Spine Mobilization 

Session 2. Skills and Shots 150-200 shots of any type and any situation


Session 1. Explosive Power/ Strength Training

Sled and Hill Sprints

Session 2: Max Speed 10-40m

 Or Scrimmage Games


Session 1. Chaos Conditioning with and without the ball

Dynamic Flexibility 

Athletic Coordination 

Agility, Speed, 1st Step quickness, Acceleration, Stop and Go, Endurance 

Skills with speed and precision 

Athletic Shots

1 vs 1 defensive conditioning 


My father Terry Kerrigan developed this academy because of his desire to help kids, adults and seniors experience the power of consummate professional training that can be applied to any gender, age or ability level.

His education, experience and professional athletic background has enabled him to inspire as well as form smart training plans that can help anyone achieve anything.

I am living proof that his methods work. I see it with my brother Keanu too.

My father is a positive leader. He’s tough but he’s smart and fair. He has never endangered me or hurt my development.

Train Like a Pro Academy is fun and challenging. I guarantee you will improve and achieve your goals if you trust and commit to the process


Call for pricing: 201.212.5255


  1. Soccer Skill and Competition Development 
  2. Agility and Athleticism for Kids 
  3. Strength and Conditioning for Kids
  4. Inspirational Talks