My name is Kai Ryder Kerrigan. I was born in NYC on August 31st, 2011. My mother is Tiffany Italiano, Father is Terry Kerrigan my mentor and super coach and my younger brother is Keanu Cruz Kerrigan.

I am a Professional Actor, Model for Zuri Model and Talent in NYC and most of all I’m an Elite Soccer Player aka “Gamebred Player” Kai Kai.

My nickname comes from a professional MMA fighter from the UFC because of my MMA training and how tough I am on the field.

I believe that I have the talent, work ethic, passion and support to be the the highest level professional soccer player from the USA and compete at the highest level in the world.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be as well rounded of a person as possible while achieving my dreams as a soccer player.


Height:    52inch
Hair:    Blonde
Eyes:    Blue


  • Athletic ability-soccer
  • Martial arts training Jiu Jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing
  • Track running
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Basketball
  • Snowboarding
  • Dancing
  • Arts and crafts
  • Lip synch

My athletic background and regime 


  • Started walking at 9 months old 
  • Ran a 9.5 min mile at 3.5 years old
  • Started Swimming, Gymnastics and Track at 3.5 years old
  • Started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thai Kick Boxing  at 3.5 years old
  • Started Soccer practice and games at 4
  • Started strength and conditioning routines at age 5
  • Began winning 400m and 800m running races at age 5-7 
  • Played Flag Football at age 5
  • Able to swim all 4 strokes and lap swimming by 5.5
  • Transitioned to focus on soccer at age 6 dominating local competition
  • Did a Summer Camp at World Class Soccer and got recruited to play two years ahead of his age. The only player to be invited.
  • Advanced his training and conditioning at age 7 with a more sophisticated approach 
  • Became the leading goal and assist player on his team as the youngest player
  • Currently able to train 2-3 times daily working on all the mental emotional tactical and physical aspects of Pro level training. I can train consistently for 3-5 weeks in a row before I need a break.
  • Currently able to run at least 7 miles without stopping, have a VO2 max of 800m in about 3min or 6min mile pace, have a 40m sprint in 6.8 sec, 100m in 16.8 sec, 200m in 35 sec and 400m in 1:22. My beep test is above excellent level.


  1. My Dreams are backed by action
  2. I trust myself and my coaching
  3. I Never Quit, I Don’t make excuses
  4. There is No such thing as boredom 
  5. I Love the training process 
  6. I Work Hard and Work Smart
  7. Respect your body and mind by planned and designed rest, recovery, restoration 
  8. I take care of every part of my body
  9. Never fear conflict, failure, losing, pressure, pain, criticism 
  10. I Master the Basics/Fundamentals 
  11. My Training is Fun, Dedication is fun
  12. My Training comes before everything 
  13. I’m a Consummate Professional in Preparation before practice, training, games
  14. I Master self talk, habits, routines
  15. I Never Blame others, I own my mistakes
  16. I Look for criticism
  17. I learn from critique and mistakes
  18. I Lead by example and with positivity 
  19. I do my best to let my emotions hurt me and my team 
  20. Being Ordinary is easy, Being Exceptional takes relentless hard work
  21. I am Gritty and Determined 
  22. I think outside the box, creativity helps the Art of Deception
  23. I never look for a way out or want the process to end.
  24. The process of improvement is always on my mind
  25. Ok Prove it is what I tell kids that talk a lot about what they say they can do or want to do. I challenge them to prove it.

Elite Soccer Player and Assistant Coach at Train Like a Pro Academy